How to manage pregnancy with a first young child?

The family is growing. You are happy but you are worried about your new organization with an extra child to manage. It’s a whole family life to reinvent.

During your first pregnancy, you only had to worry about yourself. During this new maternity, you are much less centered on your belly. All this is completely normal. Don’t blame yourself! Each pregnancy is different.

  • Communicate a lot with your elder to reassure him.

Children have antennas to detect pregnancy. They are real sponges. So it’s important to talk to him about it, to involve him in the preparations for the baby’s arrival. Ask him for his opinion, for example on the choice of the first name, but do not insist too much.

Explain to him that you are a little more tired but that this is completely normal and transient so that he understands that you will gradually be able to wear it. Do not hesitate to get books to gently introduce him to the happiness of becoming a big brother or big sister.

Each child reacts in their own way. He may be a little jealous at first or his sleep maybe a little disturbed. This is completely normal. Being pregnant pushes you to want to “grow” first because, for example, you wear it less willingly. Try to make the necessary changes gently before the baby arrives, for example changing your elder bed by adding value to the “large” bed, a history that the crib has not been here for a while when you put it in his little brother or little sister.

  • Know how to allow yourself time to rest and set limits for yourself.

This is essential. A happy, rested, well-rounded mom is more attentive to her children and available to them. You must, therefore, know how to go to bed early enough, take a nap or at least rest in peace as soon as possible.

A rule of thumb: “You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself …”

Also, take advantage of your birth preparation sessions to invest this pregnancy to the fullest. There are many preparations for birth and parenthood, yoga, etc.

Do not hesitate to do a few sessions with your spouse. It’s a good way to get him involved as well.

  • Get help as much as possible (spouse, friend, family, neighbor, home help).

Put your visitors to work: shopping, meals, etc.

Use prepared meals and home delivery…

Check with social services, your mutual …. on external assistance you can benefit from.

Ask to have your elder kept for an hour and take advantage of this free time to do an activity that gives you pleasure. On the program: massage, relaxation, Yoga, walking…

In the days following birth, delegate a maximum. Call on grandparents, friends, and dad to help you in the daily management.

  • Organize yourself to do the minimum of household chores.

I strongly recommend that you organize the post-partum delivery during your pregnancy and provide assistance with shopping, cleaning, meals … At the end of pregnancy, you can advance the administrative procedures so that the letters (Social Security, insurance, employer, etc.) only need to be completed and sent at birth.

  • Stock up on vitamins in order to fight against fatigue.

Be careful to eat healthily and take advantage of vitamin supplementation to restore tone

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