How to travel with young children?

While family vacations are a long-awaited time to unwind and unwind, travel can be stressful for some parents of young children. By plane, train or car … Our practical advice to organize yourself better, remember nothing, and travel with peace of mind with your baby.

Traveling by plane with a baby

At altitude, the cabin air is dry and pressurized. A few drops of saline may be necessary during the trip to moisten your little one’s eyes. In order to prevent the risk of dehydration, remember to regularly offer him a drink. In addition, swallowing helps relieve the pressure in his ears, which is particularly important at takeoff and landing. If he is under the age of two, he should be held in your arms at this time. The cabin crew will then give you a seat belt specially designed for this purpose.

To travel at ease with your baby, do not hesitate to request a seat in the front row of the cabin when checking in luggage. More spacious, they allow you to easily install a baby seat. If it is a long-distance flight, request a cot when booking your plane tickets and prefer night flights if your child is over 9 months old, in order to do not disturb your sleep pattern. Finally, bring clothes to cover it if it is cold due to air conditioning in flight.

As for regulations, an exception is made for toddlers. The food and medicines you need are accepted on board (bottles of milk, small jars, and medicines in liquid form). In the cabin, powdered milk is completely authorized and the staff will provide you with water to prepare your bottle. However, remember to provide containers that can be closed because security officers may ask you to open what you are carrying. Only liquid care products, such as baby lotions, are subject to the usual regulations. They must, therefore, contain less than 100 ml and be placed in transparent plastic bags of 20 cm by 20 cm. Finally, know that your child also has the right to carry-on luggage: take advantage of this to prepare a bag (in addition to yours) with all the accessories necessary for the trip.

Traveling by train with a baby

If you take the train with your child, choose the family area which has four seats facing each other. With a small child, it is best to travel during the day and install the baby seat on the aisle side because the air conditioning comes from the window side. Also plan, as on the plane, suitable clothing to cover your little one depending on the temperature change.

Traveling by car with baby

To avoid ending up in traffic jams, travel the day before or the day after your vacation starts. Also, avoid extreme heat in the car by leaving around 4 am rather than in the afternoon and set your air conditioning to the minimum to avoid drying out of the air. Against heatstroke and dehydration, offer your baby a drink every half hour, choose light, loose-fitting clothing, and take regular breaks. You can also refresh it by passing cotton or a damp washcloth over his face and body. Indeed, the body of a toddler is not able, before a certain age, to regulate its temperature.

Some safety rules must also be observed before setting off on the road. For example, avoid placing too heavy objects on the rear shelf, which could be thrown forward in the event of a sudden stop. Check the good condition of the spare wheel, make sure the car seat meets the safety standards in force, and that it is properly installed.

In general, whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car with your child, remember to bring their favorite comforter and toys to calm them down in case of crying or to keep them occupied during the trip. To feel good for the duration of the journey, your baby must be clean: provide enough cleaning wipes and diapers to change it if necessary.

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