Simple Massage for your baby

Stomach aches, colds, insomnia … the daily worries of babies are numerous, ruining their well-being and, at the same time, that of the parents. However, does he fall asleep when you run your fingers over his back or face? Nothing more normal. If from time to time a massage is welcome to relax adults, the same applies to newborns and babies.

Practiced since always in India, in Asia or in Africa. There are workshops to teach parents good gestures, midwives, and physiotherapists trained in the practice. Certain hospitals and certain maternities are even labeled “Baby-Friendly Hospital” and organize care around the biological rhythms of the newborn and the mother.

The benefits of massage

Soothing, relaxing, and de-stressing, massage has the same effects in babies as in adults. Do not be afraid to get started: newborns are often handled by professionals to release any rigidities. During childbirth, the baby can undergo tensions which subsequently disturb the suction or cause colic before or after feeding.

If your baby has trouble falling asleep at night or during the day, the massage will promote sleep by releasing oxytocin, the hormone of pleasure, and well-being. The baby will feel tired, like you after a good workout! By paying attention to mom’s movements, he spends guaranteed sleep energy!

The pain caused by colic and constipation, common in infants, is sometimes the cause of difficulty falling asleep. Moms’ hands can relieve them, by stimulating intestinal transit. Massages of the gums and jaw are also often used to relieve dental pain.

In addition to soothing everyday ailments, massage strengthens the parent-child bond. Thus, dads, who sometimes feel excluded from the fusional relationship that the mother maintains with her child, can take advantage of a privileged moment. Whenever a part of the body is stimulated, babies feel it and develop their motor skills. When you massage it, the child understands his body diagram and memorizes it. He becomes more and more awake.

3 simple massages for everyday ailments

First of all, undress baby and always keep a diaper nearby. Pressure on the stomach can cause urination or cause bowel movements. To avoid falls, it is best to place your changing mat on the floor. You can also massage it in the middle of a large bed on a blanket. The room must be heated between 20 and 25 ° C. Warning: do not massage before at least half an hour after the last meal or if he is hungry.

Use guaranteed oils that are natural and allergen-free, or vegetables, such as sunflower, rapeseed, or jojoba.

  • To help him sleep

Massage it out of the bath, it will be more willing to fall asleep. While applying the oil in your hands, talk to him, and explain to him what you are going to do. You can also make him smell the oil.

Start with his feet and massage them one after the other. Go up towards the right ankle then the left ankle. Continue the movement on each of the legs. Go to the upper body, starting with his hands, one after the other, and then the fingers. Massage her arms. Finish with her bust and face, touching them lightly. Repeat each movement 5 to 10 times. If baby likes, put him on the belly, massage his back and finish by gently stroking his buttocks as if to tickle him.

Good to know: some people fall asleep when they are touched. Try following the shape of his eyebrows with your fingertips and repeat the gesture several times.

  • Relieve colic

Lay him down in front of you. See her belly like a watch. Put your hand on the bottom left of her stomach, where the small hand would indicate 7 o’clock on a pendulum. With light pressure, describe a large circle around the navel by making small curls. Pass above the navel then descends to the right side of the belly. Repeat the movement 5 to 10 times. To relieve constipation, perform the gesture counterclockwise.

  • Relieve dental pain

Be gentle, this is just a touch. Start at the bottom of the ears and go along the jaw in light circles with your fingers. Repeat the movement 3 or 4 times. You can continue if he does not show any discomfort.

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