Tips for taking care of yourself during the last trimester of pregnancy

The final stretch of pregnancy has arrived! The baby waiting in your womb begins to prepare little by little for childbirth. We will notice their emotions, their anxieties, and their desire to see the world and, as you can imagine, for each movement a joy for the family.

Here are 5 practical and effective tips to make the last weeks of pregnancy synonymous with well-being. Pregnancy is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life and with good habits we will get to enjoy everything this wonderful time deserves.

Always think positive

The third trimester should be lived with optimism and joy. And not only for the benefit of our baby had (we already anticipated that it is a lot). Fear and anguish are going to be there naturally, so why not accept it, mature it and turn it into opportunities to lean on the people around us? Why not take advantage of the fact that we have a loving dad by our side?

If we manage to channel the emotions through a state of positivity where the daddy is also the protagonist, we will gain in security, which will allow us to breathe better and the little one to grow healthier.

Hanging out with friends, trying to lead a normal life, walking, controlling anxiety, and balancing our busy weeks (despite mood swings to the contrary) are some of the tricks that will make the final three months even more magical.

Comfort above all things

These months will make our bodies slower, heavier, less flexible and more uncomfortable in almost any situation. Varicose veins, enemas are formed and the speed of breathing increases. In addition, the feet seem to burn and the English say enough at every opportunity. We know, moms.

Therefore, our recommendation is to wear clothes as comfortable and fresh as possible. And more, if the pregnancy catches the summer months. Breathable shoes, dresses, thin shirts … Seek to always be comfortable, whatever the time and wherever you are.

Control feeding

As the pregnancy is in its final development, mothers will notice that we are gradually gaining weight. Surely you have heard women who have increased their weight from 15 to 20 kilos after pregnancy. That, in addition to being counterproductive for our little one, will make the postpartum recovery even more intense.

To overcome the last months of pregnancy taking care of yourself, help yourself with a diet controlled by your GP, varied and complete. Our baby needs nutrients, so eating every 2 hours, 5 or 6 times a day, steamed, boiled or grilled will be ideal.

Where to start? Once a week pulses, 2 times a week pasta and water, lots of water. 2 liters a day are the best supplement for the final stretch of pregnancy.

Daily exercise yes, but in moderation

Walking a minimum of 30 minutes or giving yourself 10 minutes of relaxation a day will ensure that a good part of the problems are organized and faced with more guarantees. After all, toxins are expelled through sport and that is always beneficial. Whether or not you are pregnant.

Of course, do not put the child’s health at risk. When there are only a few days left until delivery, we will be even more fragile and sensitive. Take it easy and try to do it with help. Use experts in the field who know how to guide you healthily.

Is it possible to sleep better during the third trimester of pregnancy?

The answer is yes. Although the feeling of suffocation, heat and insomnia never seem to go away, there is an effective formula that, added to moderate exercise, makes it easier to fall asleep: relaxation and tranquility.

30 minutes before going to bed, try to find tranquility with relaxing music, a reading time or a chat with your partner. All this will help the dream to take over us and rest better. In addition, regulating the temperature of the room and keeping it around 22ยบ everything will be easier.

Control nest syndrome by focusing on your hobbies

If the last trimester is characterized by something, it is the so-called ‘nest syndrome’, the state of hyperactivity that makes us have everything prepared at home. And when we say prepared it is absolutely “very prepared”. Painting freshly painted walls, cleaning carpets that you will not use, buying spare blankets, ordering what is already ordered…

This incomplete feeling is natural in moms (it’s never enough to be calm!) And can be corrected if we unleash something as much ours as our passions. In other words, if we prevent the burden from dominating we and we invest free time in doing what we really want.

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