Sexuality during the second Trimester of Pregnancy

Psychologically (and therefore often also sexually), these are generally months of balance and fulfillment, because very often, the small discomforts of the first trimester, both physical and psychological, have disappeared.

The pregnancy begins to be clearly visible in the fourth month. One can note an enlargement of the uterus (sometimes inducing tightness and ligament pain in the lower abdomen), the kidneys widen, the glands and milk ducts of the breasts develop and can give brown spots on the nipples.

The uterus presses more on the bladder, so the urge to urinate may be more frequent; constipation and slow digestion are also possible, the intestines giving way to the latter, and breathing can finally be a little hampered by the uterus which grows on the diaphragm (6th month).

What about the second-trimester sex life

From the second trimester, we can note a dilation as well as a blood supply to the perineum and vagina, which then make stimulation and excitement easier. Desire is therefore exacerbated in this period. You can, therefore, take advantage of it (unless there is a medical contraindication, of course)!

The noticeable increase in estrogen levels during pregnancy also contributes to this increase in libido (even if sometimes constipation can still affect desire a little).

With desire coming back, you can then resume your sexuality, while starting to adapt it, your belly taking shape more and more.

Prefer therefore positions that do not shoot too much, where you are not on your stomach, etc. Maybe do it more gently, a little slower.

Sometimes, body modifications and therefore of the image of the body can be difficult to accept for some women, and have negative repercussions on sexuality (in terms of desire, for fear of not pleasing, of never finding your line, especially); Being accompanied during your pregnancy by a professional (psychologist or other) can then help you to get through this period of life serenely.

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