Third-Trimester of Pregnancy – You and Your Child

Pregnancy is a magical period for the pregnant woman and all who love her, and who participate in some way in all the experiences that only a pregnant woman can live!

Find out a little more about what happens to your baby and to you every month, in the third trimester of pregnancy.

7th (29-32 weeks)

Your baby: The thin, wrinkled face starts to be filled with fat, he gains a plump appearance and his skin becomes smooth and silky. He is also capable of crying. From that month onwards the fetus has the ability to breathe alone (29th week) and the Central Nervous System matures, where the fetus’ movements become more rhythmic and body temperature more controlled.

Your body: Do not be surprised if a dark line appears that goes from the navel to the pubic hair, called Alba Line that occurs due to the hyperpigmentation of the skin due to the increase of estrogen in the body. It tends to disappear within 12 months after birth. Your uterus now reaches the rib cage, which often justifies the feeling of shortness of breath. From now on you will feel heavier.

8th (33-37 weeks)

Your baby: The head (the heaviest part of the body) starts to fit in the mother’s pelvis. Your baby has defined patterns of wakefulness, opening his eyes while awake and closing them while sleeping. He will be alert when exposed to light, just as any newborn baby would. The baby’s skin will already be pink and smooth and his arms and legs will look fatter. The whole body is already proportional and the baby has the shape of a newborn. Remember that due to the lack of space inside the uterus, the movements are more restricted and less abrupt, that is, they are decreasing. If your baby decides to come into the world early, at this stage he will be able to survive alone.

Your body: Attention! There will be a need to go to the bathroom more often because the baby is fitting into the basin, pressure on the bladder, and difficulty breathing. Contractions may occur at irregular intervals, the duration and intensity are still insufficient to start labor and you will notice that they remain unchanged, without a gradual increase.

9th (38-41 weeks)

Your baby: The fetus is mature and getting ready for birth. He gains a lot of weight in this last stage. The limbs are flexed by the lack of space and the closed hand. During this period the kidneys are completely ready and functioning, the liver can process some substances as well. The volume of the amniotic fluid decreases a lot. In most cases, the baby’s head is already embedded in the pelvic cavity. The baby will swallow some substances that will help form the first poop, a substance called meconium. Your baby’s organs are fully developed. Are you already curious to see your little boy arrive? Just a little more …

Your body: This is the moment of greatest expectation because your baby is already very close to arriving! Your legs will be more swollen and lower back pain may be frequent. During this period it is very important to remain calm and exercise patience, as your child is almost coming into the world and that moment will occur when your body is ready to face life out here. The contractions will gradually increase until they are sufficient for your child to be born. It is common for the baby not to be born on the estimated date of delivery. He can be born up to two weeks after the stipulation.

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